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Online text of the Book of Joseph

The Book of Joseph – Table of Contents

The Book of Joseph by Yuya Joe

Table of Contents

Book of Joseph I – Jahn Hoy
Book of Joseph II – Gong
Book of Joseph III – Jeshua

Fourth Book of Joseph

Yuya Sahara AllJah

The Book of Joseph – Part I

Book of Joseph, Part One

Received by Jah Lifeguard. Given in thanks to Jah Ras Tafari, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Sellassie I, Saviour of the World, Embodiment of Jeshua, Defender of the Faith.

I am Joseph, Disciple of Ras Tafari
For ten and seven years I shared a planet
with Thy King of Kings, Mind of Minds
Son of David, Defender of Jeshua

Jah gave I the ability
To travel through centuries
Through continents and peoples
To Faith, philosophy and time

Jah sends me to the moon
I look down on my people
Where green was is brown
Where water was is ground.

I cry for the Heart of Africa
The blood spills in the rivers
The wind blows from the north
The mighty trees have fallen.

Hark, my Angels, Arise!
Get up from your slumber!
I have spotted a cancer
Growing with Belial’s false utterance.

Its name is Sahara, sweet Sahara
El Shaddai – save us once more
Ras Tafari – guide these ones for
Jeshua – take my people home

From the center of the sweet
Holy Tafari shall arise
Sixty four miles from gate to gate to gate to gate
Ya can’t wait

From the heart of Sahara
Holy Tafari shall arise
Sixty four miles from edge to edge to edge to edge
Anointed Gates

Simeon, Levi, Judah, Joseph,
Benjamin, Reuben, Issachar,
Zebulun, Gad, Dan,
Naphtali and Asher

Four corners of Tafari
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Your sentinel to the nations
Rises to the sky,
Illuminating broad pathways

St. John, Jah Divine Revealer
Of the invisible Temple
Heart of Holy Tafari
Jah Provider, Jeshua

Yes, your walls are ornamented
You shine and gleam like no other
Your disciples stand like rock eternal
Never mindful of the shifting sands

Peter, foundation of jasper
Andrew, sparkling sapphire
James, son of Zebedee, chalcedony
John, son of Zebedee, green emerald

Philip, foundation of sardonyx
Bartholomew, red sardius stone
Thomas, gleaming chrysolite
Matthew, precious beryl

James, son of Alphaeus, topaz
Lebbaeus, golden chrysoprasus
Simon, shining jacinth
Judas, purple amethyst

Matthias share the royal
With one who came before
Remembered from antiquity
Quartz of violet is your legacy


Tafari, seed of Inafrica
Whose line extends 3,000 miles
Bringing water, light and data
Giving Pure power to the nations.

Inafrica is protected by Marley Lands
Between the Wall and the Line
Power and Herb and hemp and food
Flow freely as good people know

I am Joseph, First Prophet of the 3rd Day
Son of Ras Tafari, David and Abraham
Disciple of Jeshua of Nazareth
Saviour of us all, Leader of Humanity

Listen, then, and Overstand Now:

City Seed Sun Wind Gates, Holy Tafari
64 miles, 2003-2033

Inafrica Solar Fields Line
3000 miles, 2002-2302

Sahara Wall
12,000 miles, 2001-3000

Outer wall commences
To stop the desert dances
A line in the sand
In the name of His Majesty.

Inner line is second
Inafrican harmony
Industry and cooperation
Your Emperor loves you.

City Gates
Craftsman from Afar
Holy women, men and youth
Live only for Jah Blessings

Thy wall of Light is visible from Zelten and Hun,
Ghadamis and El Golea,
Bechar, Tindout and Tidjikja,
Tombouctou to the north of town

El Geneina, El Fasher,
Tahoua, Bouren and Gao
Farafra and Qasr
Nearby to the music.

In the lands of Bob Marley,
Are Taoudenn and Adrar,
In Salah and Sebha, Agadez,
Murzuq, Ghat and Al Jawf.

Inafrica arise and heal all the nations!
Out of Tummo, Djado and Bilma,
Abeche and El Atrun,
Shall salvation be Born.

Emi Koussi, Tibesti
Ennedi, dear Faya
Tafari is the Holy One
Now and Forever
Jah Rules All

Now you hard hearted peoples
Love these eight nations
Chad, Libya, Niger and Sudan
Egypt, Algeria, Mali and Mauritania

For the new forests of Lake Chad
Add Cameroon and Nigeria
For Unity and Guidance
Hear Azania and Ethiopia

Love these twelve countries
Help them heal Africa, the world
Men, women and children
Sweet Sahara calls to you.

Send your sons and daughters to Tafari,
Send stone that built Harar’s Holy Wall
Birthplace of our young Lord
Holy City to Mohammed’s family

Yes, from Afar and Harar
Cairo, Tel Aviv and Damascus
From Jamaica, America and England
Look at them come to your Holy City!


Seed of Ethiopia
Judeah and Palestine
Ancient and rooted
By the source of the Nile

The delta was travelled
By two Godly peoples
One going up river
Building temples to north stars
One coming downstream
Building temples to south stars

Egypt and Ethiopia, together at Thebes
Ethiopia and Egypt, sharing Sun Kings

Queen Hathor of Punt
Holy Land of the Holies
Amen-Ra, Hak of Punt
Horus, Holy Morning Star of Punt

When Se-an-ka-Ra was king
Of the eleventh Theban dynasty
There was a route by the Red Sea

Yes, time for books to open
The Dawn of Astronomy
Africa Remembered
Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea,
the Mission for African literature

It was in the 18th dynasty
When We first ruled the Earth
The ground shifted, the desert grew
The cities began to swell

During the 22nd dynasty
The Sun Kings took refuge in Ethiopia
In 700 BC they returned and
Founded the 25th dynasty at Thebes
At Philae, Medinet-Habu, and Danderah.

The sun is not Jah
But a great tool provided
For energy and Light
And Salvation of Man

The core of all Life
Is that fiery flame ball
Throwing particles our way
By Jah Providing Grace

Build Leonardo’s mirror
Four miles like he said
Then four feet and four yards
Four metres and four hundred

Purify water with all different sizes
Turn sand to brick with the wind and the sun force
Building Thy wall to protect and to join

Stop the sahara with Leonardo’s great mirror
Da Vinci’s great vision of new solar man
Like Van Gogh and like Dylan
These artists among you
Are cut from My very own hand

Like Olynthus we build on a sweeping plateau
Streets will run west to east
and rise gently south to north
Every home, house or building,
shall have south-facing windows
Skate down the hill
Jah Shines brightly on all

The winged solar-disk
Is a tool and a symbol
Use it with care, heal the nations in there
Inafrica, Sahara, Tafari; Remember the
Blessed Lion of the Sun

To Jah a desert is an open sore;
I see the festering over the centuries,
the erosion and the desertification.
My heart bleeds for the sister Nile,
parallel and to the west.
We will build a wall around the Sahara,
with fresh desalinated water,
photovoltaic electricty,
transportation, communication.
A Divine gift to humans;
a project to focus the people,
companies and nations of earth,
on working together for common Good.

Sahara Wall commence in 2001
And half that to build,
for the main 12,000 mile ring.

Inafrica Solar Line begin 2002,
300 years to complete 3,000 miles.

Our Holy City Tafari,
Arise in 2003,
when outer wall (64 miles) and
Holy Gates commence (Celebration of the Light),
be complete in 2033.

Sahara Wall building will
begin where desertification is most
unstoppable (We will stop it)
where the services we’ll bring,
water, electricty, communications, transportation,
are in greatest demand.

David said, “Of these, twenty-four thousand are to supervise the work of the temple of the LORD and six thousand are to be officials and judges.
Four thousand are to be gatekeepers and four thousand are to praise the LORD with the musical instruments I have provided for that purpose.”

Here we drinkof the bloodof the wineof the vineof the House of David
Here we eatof the bodyof breadof the Lifeand the knowledge of Jesus
Oh Lord – take me homeOh Lord – make me your own
Here we prayand we waitfor the dayof the morningwith no warning of danger
Here we standwith the Sonof the manof creationwho lay in a manger
Oh Lord – I feel it comin’ todayOh Lord – Your will is my way

This is the offering and living testament of Joseph, to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Ras Tafari, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I give thanks to you Tafari, for saving my life and keeping the living Jeshua inside my heart and mind.

The Book of Joseph – Part II

Book of Joseph, Part Two

Livicated to Elijah, Berhane Selassie, Honourable Robert Nesta Marley, Prophet of His Majesty, Proclaimer of the Faith

The Book of Joseph, Part 3 – Tribute to Jeshua

The Third Book of Joseph: Word from Addis, Jerusalem, Qumran, Cairo; from Aksum and Punt from the dawn of all time.

Fourth Book of Joseph, by Yuya EliJah Lifeguard

Roots of the Secular Quandary of Jah Lifeguard, The Fourth Book of Joseph.

Book of Joseph V – Yuya Sahara Alljah – Book of the Wall

Yuya Sahara AllJah – Book of the Wall

Flowed through Brother Lifeguard, just Joseph, in the final days of the western millennium. A continuation of the Exegesis gifted to Jah people in Judea and Qumran, concerning these times that we live in. A reclamation of the deserted hearts and lands.


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hello does anyone out there know where i can get the book of joseph if you do u can email me at rastapaul2000@msn.com

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Great blogpost, I did not thought it was going to be so cool when I klicked at the title with link.

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